Sunday, May 17, 2015

Taken By Dee Henderson

Hey, Just finished reading Taken by Dee Henderson , The story is about Private Investigator Matthew Dane whose daughter was abducted at age 8 and was found 8 years later, He helped his daughter recover from the experience and to get back to living a normal life. That is why Shannon Bliss sought him out just days after her freedom. Shannon was abducted at the age of 16 and had just escaped after spending 11 years with her captors. All Shannon desperately wants is to try and get back to living a normal life, Matthew quickly discovers that just because she escaped her captors does not mean that she is free yet, As Shannon slowly reveals the events that occurred in the past 11 years,  Matthew finds himself determined to make sure that she gets the life that she dreams of and that her captors are brought to justice.  Though a kind of sad and heartfelt story You see how her faith in God helped keep her determined to survive and how with the help of friends she can recover from her tragedy and be able to have the normal life that she is hoping for.

 I thought that the overall storyline was good but it seemed like it went on forever, I thought that Shannon was a very likeable character and her strength was to be admired but I found that she barely seemed traumatized by the events of the past eleven years. She seemed worn out, dazed and she slept a lot, Sort of depressed, but she did not show any weakness, any sign of a breakdown. She never really said exactly what happened, just that some people died and it was because of Flynn ( a member by marriage to the family that abducted her ) that she was still alive and that she was able to escape. You also see the story from only Matthew's point of view, I would have loved to have seen the story from Shannon's point of view, Maybe some flashbacks or pages of her diary/journal so that we would have a better understanding of her story. Overall it was a good story , but I really missed a big, dramatic ending, Something exciting.  I rate it 3 stars.

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  I would like to thank Net Galley and Bethany House for allowing me to read and review this book in return for a free copy and I was not asked to write a favorable review, Just a honest one.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

After A Fashion by Jen Turano

Hey, Sorry I have not written in awhile but I've just been so incredibly busy... Anyway Happy Mother's Day to any Moms out there and especially My Mom who is AWESOME!!!  I just finished reading Jen Turano's newest book After a Fashion and I LOVED it! It is the story of Harriet Peabody, A independent working lady and a orphan that works as a "Hat Lady". On her 23rd Birthday she asks God the same request that she asks Him every year, That He would give her something wonderful for her birthday.When she gets to work she is told that she has to a run an errand for her employer.Things take a turn for the worst when her customer freaks out about something that was in no way Harriet's fault and gets her fired. Mr Oliver Addleshaw one of the richest men in New York was present at the time of the incident  that was mentioned earlier between Harriet and her customer. Oliver feels responsible for Harriet losing her job, so he offers her a position as his paid companion. Her only jobs, To buy new dresses, Look pretty and to charm the Duke so that Oliver can get a business deal with him. After much persuasion Harriet accepts Oliver's job offer and goes about pretending to be his "girlfriend". Things get all messed up when Oliver tells someone that Harriet is his fiance, Then Harriet's Aunt Jane who is a thief  comes to town and tries to blackmail Harriet. Harriet is having trouble with all of the balls and fine dinners she has to attend, Not to mention wearing the clothes that people in high society wear,  she knows that she will never fit into Oliver's world, If only her heart would listen to her head! Now Oliver starts to feel something for Harriet as well, but refuses to say anything to her about it. could their arranged business proposal turn out to be the "Something wonderful" that Harriet prayed for or is it just a recipe for disaster? You will have to read it to find out! Just want to say that I Love all of Jen Turano's books and would recommend them to everyone!

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