Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Snow Angel by Jamie Carie

Hey Everybody, I'm sorry that I haven't written in a while, I have been so busy this summer and it just officially started this week! Well even though I have been busy that has not stopped me from reading, I just finished Snow Angel by Jamie Carie. It is the story of Elizabeth who grew up an orphan after her Grandfather made her mother Jane give her up as a baby. Elizabeth had a rough upbringing living in several different orphanages and then getting adopted by a shady, murdering couple. She finally makes it to Juneau, Alaska after she is struck with gold fever. When she gets lost alone on a isolated mountain ,it is by the grace of God that she reached a cabin before she collapsed. Noah Wesley heard a faint sound at the door but as he looked outside, He did not see anyone or anything there, as he is closing the door he hears a voice inside him tell him "open the door and look outside" He opens the door again and steps out only to discover Elizabeth unconscious and half-frozen on the floor. He rushes to bring her in and get her warm, He works all night to try and revive her. Finally at the crack of dawn she wakes up, though sore and hurting she is alive. In the days that follow Noah finds himself drawn to Elizabeth, He sees the pain and weight that she carries but will not share with anyone. He longs to be able to earn her trust and to figure out why she is so drawn to the gold and why she would chase it during one of the worst blizzards he had ever seen.  When someone from Elizabeth's past shows up in Juneau, it starts a spiral of events that might break through the icy exterior of her heart. But will it cause her new found friends to turn their backs on her after they discover what she has done?

I thought that the book was good, though some questions did not seem to be answered such as Why did Elizabeth have gold fever so bad, But overall the plot was engaging, the characters sweet ( especially Will and Cara ) The only weird thing about the book is that at the end of each chapter you would read a letter from a private detective that someone ( you have to read the book to find out) hired to find Elizabeth. Overall I give it 3.5 Stars. This is a good book to read in the summer because reading about the snow and ice can chill you... even if it is 99 degrees outside!

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