Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stealing the Preacher by Karen Witemeyer

Here's a new book just in time to read before the end of summer. It's called Stealing the Preacher by Karen Witemeyer. It is the story of Crockett Archer, A young cowboy who dreams of being a preacher. He is on his way to an interview to became the preacher of a Church in Brenham Texas. When suddenly the train he is on gets held up by a band of robbers! He is shocked when the train robbers come on board and only demand one thing, That they will not leave the train without the preacher. Crockett is sure that they are looking for someone else though he finds their demands strange, however when they hold up a paper about the interview he is supposed to be attending, He realizes that he is the one that they came for. Roughly tied up, He is presented to the head train robber's daughter, Joanna Robbins who asked for a Preacher for her birthday. When she realizes what her Father did, she is horrified and quickly unties him and lets Crockett go, Her only request of him , That he recommend someone for their small local church that was abandoned. She tells him that she prayed for a Preacher for her birthday to help her reach her Father and her local community ,She has been praying for her Father to come to the saving knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ ever since her Mother passed away due to illness. Crockett prays with her and then goes on to his interview, but he is intercepted by one of the people that were conducting his interview and was informed that he did not get the position. At first he is angry that he did not get the position because he was kidnapped but then Crockett feels the hand of God tell him to go back to Joanna's little church and become their Preacher. As Crockett and Joanna go about trying to restore the church and the community, Things appear to be going well until someone (Can't say who ... It could ruin the story) gets shot accidentally by one of the main characters and it will take a miracle from God's own hand to save that persons life. Will this event be enough to break through the icy exterior of Joanna's Father's heart. or will he continue to run from God like he has done for his entire life? 
You have to read it to find out

This book is absolutely now one of my Favorites!!! It was a blessing to read such a awesome book. Joanna's faith is amazing and the way she and Crockett witnessed several times to her Father and he never even realized that they were preaching to him is fantastic. I loved how the plot kept you interested from Chapter 1 until the very last page. And the end of the book was the best, Of course I can't tell you what happened but it is definitely the best part of the book!  And I just want to say that the title of the book is Awesome, absolutely eye-catching, I was reading it on my break at work and everyone kept asking me about the cover because they could not believe someone would try and steal a preacher. :)

 So If you check it out, Please let me know what you think, You can click on the "Post a comment button" and leave a comment as a long as you like! I would love to hear what you think.  

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