Saturday, August 15, 2015

Brentwood's Ward by Michelle Griep

Hey Everyone , I just read a book by Michelle Griep called Brentwood's Ward. It is the story of Nicholas Brentwood, a Bow Street Runner (They were a Police officer in the early nineteenth century) who is assigned to watch Miss Emily Payne. When Nicholas was offered the job to watch "young" Miss Emily, He thought that she was a little girl and all he would have to do was sit in the study and read the "Times" , while she played around the house or was taken care of by her governess, so he was more then surprised to find out that she was in her twenty's! Nicholas was reluctant at first and only agreed to take the job because he needed money to move his dying sister Jenny to the country, hoping that the fresh air would help her to get well.

Emily longed for love, especially from her father but all she has is the undivided attention of her sweet, spoiled little pug named Alf, and a very distant father who never spends time with her. When she meets Nicolas, she finds him to be the most annoying, bossy and somehow dangerous man she's ever met. To her horror,  Nicholas decides that the best way to ensure her safety , is to her stick to her side like glue, which can be very trying for both of them since it involves hat-shopping, social calls and a ball.  At one dinner with Emily's friends, Emily and Nicholas are eating oysters, which Nicholas is finding repulsive and is really trying not to be sick , So Emily, (trying to be funny) watches and every time Nicholas would start to put one near his mouth, would say something to draw everyone's attention to him which  made it where he had to eat all of his oysters ( because everyone was watching) . Which would cause him to glare at her and her to smile a smug grin at his discomfort..This is a funny glimpse into their relationship throughout the book, On a more serious note, things take a turn for the worst as they are called to the scene of a crime where they find her "Uncle" Reggie, shot and beaten and on deaths door. Sadly, He dies just after they arrive but they are given one clue, his last words which were a warning for Emily . A few days later Nicholas discovers Emily's father is dead, He vows that he will find out who murdered him and will protect Emily at all costs because he fears that she is next .  A few days after that discovery, as Nicholas and Emily are on their way home from lunch , Their carriage is ambushed!  As the glass breaks, someone distracts Nicholas and another person snatches Emily and pulls through the carriage window. The thief puts a gag on Emily's mouth and starts to run down an a alley when Nicholas finally catches up with  him, He manages to save Emily from getting shot or being kidnapped by wounding her kidnapper's leg..
Now they are both on alert,  because they know whoever is after Emily, won't stop until they have her. As they both work together to solve the murder of her father and to ensure her safety , they sense there is a growing attraction between the two of them But as the threat to Emily gets closer and Jenny's health gets worse, Will Nicholas and Emily put their trust in God and remember that He is in control?
 I guess you will have to read it to find out.

I loved this book, I love the humorous relationship between Nicholas and Emily. I love the strong faith in God that Nicholas and his sister Jenny have. The plot was good, it kept me guessing about how the book would end ( except for one part but I can't say what it is)  I will definitely have to check out other books that this author has written.
Well I hope you enjoy this book and keep on reading!

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