Thursday, June 30, 2016

All Summer Long by Melody Carlson

She considered pinching herself, Was this really her life? Or was she simply caught up in one of her favorite romantic comedies... or just dreaming? - Tia D'Amico,  All Summer Long by Melody Carlson.

I cannot believe that Summer is almost over! It is already July and I feel like Summer just started. Well about that Summer reading that I was supposed to have done, Unfortunately I have been so busy that I have not read as much as I wanted but I did just finish a great new book by Melody Carlson.
 All Summer Long by Melody Carlson is the story of Tia D’Amico, An Italian girl who has a passion for cooking. When she was 16 years old, she went to a Sailing Camp in San Francisco. During her time at camp she spent most of the time cooking in the Galley ( Boat talk for Kitchen. There is a lot of Boat Talk in the book)  but the one thing she remembers most about the camp was this boy that she met named Leo.  He was kind, caring and of course, absolutely adorable. On the last day of camp, they both were standing on the deck and Leo leaned over and gave her a kiss. Now 10 years later she still thinks back that day and remembers the boy who gave her, her first kiss.  Tia now has the opportunity to move to San Francisco to work on her Aunt’s new “floating restaurant” that was being constructed within a fancy old yacht.  Tia is ecstatic!   She cannot wait until she arrives. But unfortunately once she arrives she finds out that her Uncle is in the hospital and has to have a major life or death surgery.  Since her Aunt could not pick her up at the airport, Her Aunt sends the Boat’s Captain to take Tia home.  When Tia meets the captain she cannot believe her eyes! The Captain is the boy from the Sailing camp, Leo!  The two of them have a wonderful car ride together reminiscing about camp and how their lives have been since then. During the conversation Tia  finds out that before her Uncle got sick, Her Aunt had made reservations at a fancy restaurant for them and did not want Tia to miss out, so Tia and Leo would be going instead.  Sounds like the perfect romantic evening. Tia feels like she is in a dream. Then Leo tells her that they will be meeting someone for dinner and it turns out to be Leo’s FiancĂ© Natalie. 
Tia knows that she has to work with Leo but it is so hard to work with someone you love but can never be with.  Especially when he is charming and has that cute smile. So Tia decides that she is going to dislike Natalie. But as Tia gets to know Natalie, she finds that she really likes her. She is pretty, smart and seems perfect for Leo... Why then does she have such a bad feeling about her? Is she being jealous?
While at Natalie and Leo's Engagement party Tia overhears Natalie discussing plans for Leo's future. Tia is shocked at what she hears! The only problem is that she cannot tell Leo without admitting that she was eavesdropping.  Will Tia tell Leo what she overheard or will she let him make what could be the biggest mistake of his life.
Guess you will have to read it to find out!

What did I think of the book?
Well, first of all Contemporary romance novels aren't really "my cup of tea". I like Historical, Mystery, Criminal fiction, Western Romance etc... but most of my books do have a bit or more of romantic content. Anyway, I thought the book was well written. all of the characters were likable, even Natalie. This is book 2 of the Follow Your Heart Series but I read it as a stand alone It was definitely a romance novel but it did have other parts of the story as well, like Tia's Uncle being in the hospital. I thought that reading the book was like watching a Hallmark movie, You know that the story is going to end well and you "sort of" know what will happen at the end of the story.  Overall I did enjoy reading the book and I look forward to her next book that is coming out next year. I rate the book 4 out of 5 stars ****.
I recommend this book for anyone looking for a heartfelt slightly funny, Romance novel. 

Hey, Don't forget to check out Mrs. Carlson other books!  She has several amazing books for both adults and Young adults.
Here is the link:

Happy  Reading :)

I would like to thank Revell , A division of Baker Publishing Group for allowing me to review this book in exchange for a free copy, I was not required to write a favorable review, just an honest one.


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