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Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Return of Devotion by Kristi Ann Hunter

"I think you have forgotten something...
"There's life after forgiveness". 

Happy Valentine's Day Readers!
I'm so excited to share with you my first February "Must Read" that is perfect for this special day! Seriously, what else could be better then spending a few minutes of your Valentines day reading a good old fashioned love story... especially when it was written by one of my favorite authors, Kristi Ann Hunter! A Return of Devotion is a historical fiction novel set in the year 1816 and I would recommend it to you if: 
  • You have read the first book and/or novella in the Haven Manor series. 
  • Like to read books by similar authors Carolyn Miller, Camille Elliott and Rosanna M. White. 
  • Like a story with a lot of secrets and a bit of suspense. 
  • Like to watch or read stories set in England during the early 1800s. 
  • Just want to read a great new book! 
Here is the story. 
Daphne Blakemoor has been content living a very secluded life with her friend Jess and the children they had saved. She had a wonderful and talented son, a beautiful home and her best friend to keep her company; however all of that changed the day the Marquis of Chemsford, their new employer, came to the estate to live.  Daphne and the others prepared the house and themselves for the arrival of their new employer; however, nothing would have prepared Daphne for the moment when she actually met him - because he looked just like the man who tried to ruin her best friend's life and instead ruined hers.

William, the Marquis of Chemsford was looking forward to moving into his new estate. He had never been one that was socially active and was very excited about this country home because it was far away from society,  but not so far away that he would not be able to fulfill his duties. He knew from his solicitor that he had a few servants who had been getting the house in order and were expecting his arrival, which is why he was kind of annoyed when the housekeeper answered the door and just stood there staring at him. He's not sure why, but something about his housekeeper, Daphne was intriguing him. One moment she's finding a way to be with him every minute of the day, showing him the oddest things and a moment later, she disappears! She also did not act like a typical housekeeper, but he figured that was because she was not used to having other people in the house. After several interactions with Daphne, he is convinced that she is hiding something, but what would his new housekeeper have to hide?

Daphne was so sure that her past would not find her at Haven Manor ; however, now that it has, she is not sure what she's going to do... all she knows is that no matter what, William cannot see Benedict... 

What did I think?
So, I've been looking forward to this book for a while and that being said, I'm always worried that the hype about a book will never match up to the actual story; however I was not disappointed with this book! A Return to Devotion is the second book in the Haven Manor series and although it could be read as a stand alone, I think you would enjoy the story more if you read Kit's story first. I really liked the message of forgiveness and love that is intertwined throughout the entire book and I loved the interactions between Daphne and William, especially when he accepted her as she was and did not fault her for her past mistakes. This book is by far my favorite in the series and I cannot wait until the next book comes out! (especially since it's about my favorite character Jess!) Overall I rate this book, 5 out of 5 stars and definitely think that it should be on every readers "must read" list!

Hey Readers, if you want to check out this book, Kit's story or the novella that started the series, here is the link!

And if you are interested in checking series out, you can read/download her the first novella in the Haven Manor series for FREE! Just click on the link for more info.

Just wanted to say thanks to Mrs. Kristi Ann Hunter and Bethany House publishers for allowing me to read and review this book in exchange for a free copy. All opinions and views are my own and I was not given the book for a favorable review, just an honest one! 

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Lieutenant's Bargain by Regina Jennings.

"She was supposed to be gaining her independence... but God had a different plan."

Hi Readers!
Happy New Year! Can you believe that it is already 2019?!? I'm so excited to tell you guys about my first "Must Read" for 2019, The Lieutenant's Bargain by Regina Jennings! The Lieutenant's Bargain is a Historical Fiction set in the year 1885 and I would recommend it if you:

  • Have read any of Regina Jennings books, especially the Fort Reno Series since this is the second in the series. 
  • Like to read books by similar authors Mary Connealy and Amanda Cabot.
  • Like to read books that are heartwarming and funny.
  • Just want to read an amazing new story! 

Here's the story,
Lieutenant Jack Hennessey has been in love with Hattie Walker ever since he can remember; however  it's been years since he last saw her and since he's now stationed at Fort Reno in Oklahoma and she's in Van Buren, Arkansas it seems unlikely that he will ever see her again.  However, God had a different plan in mind. When Jack goes to retrieve the lone survivor in a stagecoach robbery, he is shocked to discover that it was Hattie! Since she did not seem to recognize him and thought that the Indians that saved her, held her captive, Jack "arranges" a ceremony to have the "prisoner" released to his custody; however, the Indians thought that he wanted a different type of ceremony and arranged.... a wedding. 

Hattie Walker is tired, cold and hungry. All she wanted was to go to Denver where she could practice her painting get into an exhibition and show her parents that she did not need to marry anyone because she had her career - well, at least she did until the robbery. She knows that she's blessed to be alive, but fears what the horrid Indians are going to do to her. Thankfully, shortly after she was captured, a handsome officer came to rescue her. She didn't realize who her rescuer was until after the prisoner transfer was complete and she heard the Indian Chief say his name - Jack Hennessey, her childhood acquaintance. She is shocked by how different he looks now that he is older, because he was such a bookworm when they were children. Thankful for Jack's help and ready to be on her way, Hattie is both shocked and furious when Jack informs her that there's been a slight misunderstanding and she cannot leave because they're married and it would be an insult to the Indians if she leaves. Slight Misunderstanding?!?!  How can you misunderstand that you are getting married?!? Anyway, because of the misunderstanding and because they are legally married, Hattie is forced to remain on the Fort until Jack can be transferred to avoid insulting the Indians and ruining all of Jack's and the other soldiers hard work. Then to make matters worse, Hattie sees one of the other passengers from the stagecoach robbery, whom everyone thought was dead and it appears that he was in league with the robber. As the only witness to the robbery, Hattie is now a loose end... one that the robber is determined to tie up. Will Jack be able to protect Hattie from people out to get her? Marrying Hattie was always Jack's dream,  but will Hattie ever fall in love with him, or will she resent him forever for killing her dream?

What did I think?
I absolutely loved reading this book! As I mentioned before, this is the 2nd book in the series and I cannot decide if I loved it as much as the first book or if I loved this one more :). The story is filled with humor, romance and even a bit of suspense (especially at the end) and I love that the characters are written in such as way that you find yourself cheering for Jack at the same time as being sympathetic towards Hattie's dilemma. I loved that even though Jack had thought that a relationship with Hattie was something that would never happen, he still prayed for her everyday and asked God to bless her. Both of the characters faith was another awesome plus for me. Overall, although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a awesome story. I rate the book 5 out of 5 stars and wish I could give it more. 

Hey Readers, if you want some behind the scenes info about this book or Mrs Jennings other books, here is the link! 

Just wanted to say thanks to Mrs. Regina Jennings and Bethany House publishers for allowing me to read and review this book in exchange for a free copy. All opinions and views are my own and I was not given the book for a favorable review, just an honest one! 

Friday, December 14, 2018

In Too Deep by Lynn Blackburn

" In my experience, its not about how big our faith is, what matters is how big our God is" - Dr. Sabrina Fleming, In Too Deep by Lynn Blackburn.

 Hi Readers!
I cannot believe that it's been over a month since I wrote to you. I struggled with an eye issue that caused me not to be able to look at a computer, phone or even "gasp" read. But, praise the Lord, I'm doing much better and am thrilled to pieces to show you my latest "Must Read" In Too Deep by Lynn Blackburn!

In Too Deep is book two of the Dive Team Investigations and although it's part of a series, you can definitely read it as a standalone. I would recommend this book if you:
  • like to read Romantic suspense similar to those written by Lynette Eason and Dani Pettrey,
  • have read the first book in the series, Beneath the Surface
  • like to watch tv shows like CSI or NCIS
  • want to check out a new author 
  • just want to read an amazing book! 

Here's the story,
Dr. Sabrina Fleming is a computer expert who's been assisting the Carrington County Sheriff's office for about two years. In that time, she's had the pleasure of getting to know Investigator Adam Campbell  and his team and has sensed that she was becoming friends with Adam, but nothing more then the average friendship. When she gets a call on a Sunday afternoon that someone drove their car off a bridge, she immediately heads over there to see if she can offer any assistance. After arriving on the scene, Sabrina finds out that the case just became very personal to Adam because the victim had written a message that said "They killed me, ask Adam Campbell." When Sabrina asks Adam about the victim, she finds that he had met her earlier this week when the woman had asked to speak with him; however, he had rescheduled the meeting because his schedule was full. Being tasked with searching the victim's computers, she finds that the victim appeared to have been a good upstanding citizen - on the surface. When Sabrina starts to dig deeper into the victim's life, she finds that she may have stumbled on something horrible... something evil, that has been happening right under everyone's noses.

Investigator Adam Campbell has been slowly falling in love with Dr. Sabrina Fleming ever since he met her two years prior; however, she does not appear to have the same feelings so he's never asked her out. Now however,  he has bigger things to worry about then his love life or lack thereof. The first thing he cannot seem to figure out is why the victim was so adamant to talk to him and not any of the other investigators. While assisting Sabrina with researching the victim's past, they find a connection between the victim, Adam's family and a possible human trafficking ring that has been going on for years: however, the more they uncover, the more danger they seem to find - especially after Sabrina is attacked multiple times. After the attacks, the message seems clear, they need to stop investigating or they would be forced to stop - by any means necessary. 

What did I think?
As I mentioned before, this is the second book in the Dive Team Investigations series; however, it could also be read as a stand alone. I really enjoyed reading the first book in the series and have been looking forward to reading the sequel and I want to tell you that I was not disappointed. I thoroughly  enjoyed diving deeper into Adam and Sabrina's stories (because they are introduced in the first book; however they are side characters so we don't know get to know much about them.. until now) and I loved watching their relationship transition from being just friends to____ (whoops! can't put any spoilers) There are a lot twists and turns within the story and the intriguing plot keeps going until the very last word on the last page. When I finished the book, I felt like I'd been served a plate of non- stop action with a side of mystery. Overall I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars (can you give more then 5 stars to a book? If so, I would rate this book at least an 8 )

Readers, don't forget to check out Lynn's other books, especially the first book in the Dive Team Investigations series, Beneath the Surface. Here is the link if you want more information!

I would like to thank author Lynn Blackburn and Revell, a division of Baker Publishing group for giving me a free copy in exchange for a free copy. I was not required to write a favorable review just and honest one.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Light Before Day by Suzanne Woods Fisher

"Henry, this fortune... this sudden wealth... I fear it will change our lives... and I do not want my life to change."

Hi Readers,
I just wanted to take a quick second and show you my last "Must Read" for October, which is The Light Before Day by Suzanne Woods Fisher . The Light Before Day is a Historical Fiction set in Nantucket Island in the year 1840 and I would recommend this book if you:

  • Have read any books by Suzanne Woods Fisher, especially the first two books in the Nantucket Legacy series (this is book three in the series) 
  • Like to read books by similar authors Beverly Lewis and Beth Wiseman.
  • Just want to check out an awesome story or a new author! 
Here's the story, 
Henry Macy and his sister Hitty are shocked when they find out that their grandmother left them her entire fortune after she died. It was really surprising to them because they did not have a good relationship with their grandmother. Finding out that there are conditions to keeping the inheritance, Henry and Hitty are hesitant at first to accept the inheritance; however, they accept their grandmother’s terms, because if they fail or refuse the inheritance, the entire fortune would go to Tristram Macy (a relative who had stolen from Henry and Hitty's father)   Determined to do everything possible to keep the inheritance, Henry and Hitty move into their Grandmothers house and do their best to fulfill the conditions given. Since they both do not desire to be rich, they decide to use the money they were given to make Nantucket Island better by starting a newspaper, investing in life saving inventions and  having cobblestones installed on Main St; however, not everyone is happy with the changes.

Hitty has been trying to secure Isaac’s attentions for years and she is starting to think that it is hopeless. She has always felt like she wasn't as pretty as the others on the island because she was curvy instead of slender, so when Benjamin Folger, a law clerk who is assisting them with their inheritance starts paying special attention to her, she is thrilled; however, she feels like something is off, or that something is missing. Hitty is unsure about pursuing a relationship[p with Ben because every time she sees Isaac, she feels like her insides have turned to mush and she knows that she still loves Isaac; however, she does love the attention that Ben is paying her. How will she know if Ben really loves her for her and not for her fortune? 

As Henry and Hitty try to use their grandmother's fortune to the best of their ability, they discover that sometimes God gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. Will they be able to meet all the conditions of the inheritatance or will they forfeit the inheritance to the man who stole everything from their family?

So what did I think? 
As I mentioned before, this is book three in the Nantucket Legacy series; however, it could also be read as a standalone (I personally would recommend reading the first two books because it helps and enhances the story to know a bit about the history of the characters) I love how the characters use words like "thee" and "thy", which adds so much depth and personality to them. I really liked the subtle twists and turns in the story and the attention to historical detail  is amazing.  One of the best parts in this series is reading snippets of Great Mary's journal and seeing the characters learn from the mistakes made in the past. Overall I think that this might be one of the best series that Mrs. Fisher has ever written and I give this book 5 out of 5 stars *****

Readers, if you want to check out this book or any of Mrs.Fisher's other books, Here's the link: 

Happy Reading :) 

I would like to thank Revell , A division of Baker Publishing Group for allowing me to review this book in exchange for a free copy, I was not required to write a favorable review, just an honest one.

Hidden Peril by Irene Hannon

The most dangerous enemy is the one who has nothing to lose

Hi again readers!
I have my second October "Must Read" for you to check out and we are switching gears from an easy and fun contemporary romance to a nail-biting, edge of your seat romantic suspense novel. The second "Must Read" for October is Hidden Peril by Irene Hannon!  I would recommend this book if you:

  • Like to read any books by Irene Hannon (especially her romantic suspense) or have read the first book in the "Code of Honor" series.
  • Like to read books by similar authors, Dani Pettrey, Lynette Eason and Lisa Harris.
  • Just want to read a new book or check out a new author! 
Well, here is the story. 
Kristin Dane just wanted to do her part to make the world a better place. After serving time in the Peace Corps, Kristin has finally made her dream of making an impact in the world a reality when she is able to open WorldCraft, a retail store that only sells goods made in small countries around the world. She has been open now for two years and is amazed at how well the items are selling and she loves being able to help the people that live in such poverty stricken places. One of the items that she sells are candles that are made at a Monastery in Syria and they have been one of her best sellers; however, in a blink of an eye, everything can change. One day after being off for the weekend to attend her best friends wedding, Kristin comes into the shop to discover that someone murdered her clerk. The strangest thing is that, the store does not appeared to have been robbed, it just looked like someone had been looking for something. Was this pre-meditated murder or just someone in the wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time? Partnering with local law-enforcement, Kristin finds herself working with Detective Luke Carter, a very handsome, yet professional detective that she has had the privilege to meet once before...

Detective Luke Carter is thrilled that he gets to work with Kristin Dane who has been on his mind ever since he met her at a co-workers wedding. Don't get him wrong though, of course, he wished it was under different circumstances; however, he is determined to remain professional while working on the investigation. The murder of her clerk does not make sense since there is no evidence of a robbery; however as Luke starts to pull away some layers, he finds something that could be scarier then anything they could have imagined -that somehow, Kristin's little shop may have ties to terrorism. The question is, if so, how and is Kristin working with them or is she just a unwilling participant being used by an evil mastermind? Partnering with the FBI, Luke and Kristin uncover a horrific plan that includes funding terrorists who are bent on attacking the USA.

Will they be able to discover who is behind this evil plot in time to save several lives, including Kristin's?

What did I think?
First I want to let you know that this book is the second book in the Code of Honor series, but it can also be read as a standalone. I want to say that although I have always loved reading Irene Hannon's books, This series is shaping out to be my ultimate favorite that she has written. I love the characters, especially reading about the close relationship that the "Treehouse gang" shared and how they would bug and tease each other, but the second one of them needed help or just needed someone to talk to, they would drop everything (if possible) and come over. I have to say though that my favorite part of the story was when both Kristin and Luke patched up their almost-estranged relationship with their parents and that even though, the world was spinning around them, God still helped them both to find a bit of peace in a storm of turmoil. Overall, although there is blood mentioned when discussing the murder of Kristin's clerk, there is nothing graphic or gory about this book and I give it 5 out of 5 stars*****.

Hey Readers, make sure that you check this book out and some of her other books by clicking on the link below!

                                                                         Happy Reading :)

I would like to thank Revell , A division of Baker Publishing Group and Netgalley for allowing me to review this book in exchange for a free copy, I was not required to write a favorable review, just a honest one.

A Sparkle Of Silver by Liz Johnson

Uncovering the past can lead to an unexpected future...

Hi Readers!
It has been a quick and busy October and I cannot stand when I wait until the very last minute to finish something. Is there anyone else out there that does the same thing? Well, better late (or rather last minute) then never :)  I have three AMAZING new books to add to your October " Must Read" list and the first one is... A Sparkle of Silver by Liz Johnson!  A Sparkle of Silver is a contemporary romance set in beautiful historic St. Simon's Island GA. I would recommend this book if you:

  • Like or have read any books by Liz Johnson
  • Like to read books by similar authors Irene Hannon and Becky Wade
  • Like to watch Hallmark movies (the book is a lot better then a Hallmark Movie, but if you like them, then you will love the book)
  • Just want to read a new book or check out a new author!
Well, here is the story. 
Millie Sullivan feels like she owes her grandmother the world, especially after her parents left her, and her grandparents stepped in and basically adopted her; however, ever since her grandmother got sick and had to go to a nursing home, funds have been incredibly tight. Millie feels like she will never make enough money to support herself and get her grandmother into a nursing home where she will be more comfortable. Then as if she did not have enough stress on her plate, the nursing home informs Millie that she has only ninety days to find a new home for her grandmother before they kick her out. Millie is devastated and is desperate to find a solution. Then her grandmother mentions that her mother was a guest at the historic Chateau Dawkins in the 1920's and that she hid a journal that contained a secret, a secret that could change their lives and possibly get Millie the money to move her grandmother. Getting a job as a re-enactment actress, she starts looking around for the journal; however it may prove difficult with security always watching her every move... 

Security guard Ben Thornton is surprised to find one of the actresses snooping around the library at the Chateau and immediately moves to turn her in - until she mentions that she knows of a hidden treasure and the clues are in her great grandmother's journal. The mention of a treasure that Millie is willing to share, prompts Ben to cover for her, especially since Ben is desperate for funds so he can repay those that his mother stole from. Agreeing to be "partners", Millie and Ben discreetly search the journal for clues; however the clock is ticking and the more information they find in the journal, the more it seems hopeless that they will ever find the treasure. Will they be able to find the answers that they both desperately seek in time?

What did I think? 
First I just want to say that I typically do not read "contemporary romance" but I love the way Liz Johnson writes. I have read all of her previous books and was excited when this one came out. Anyway, A Sparkle of Silver is book one in the Georgia Coast Romance series and it is fabulous. I love how the characters are so realistic and each have there own issues, yet are selfless enough to want to put their lives on hold to help others. I also liked how the romance was threaded throughout the story instead of "Boom! they both fall in love". There was also some great biblical truths woven within the story that give the plot another layer to uncover. Overall, I loved this book and cannot wait to read the next one in the series. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars *****

Hey Readers, if you want to check out more info on this book or any of Liz's other books, here is the link!

Happy Reading :) 

I would like to thank Revell , A division of Baker Publishing Group for allowing me to review this book in exchange for a free copy, I was not required to write a favorable review, just a honest one.