Friday, September 25, 2015

Treasure at Battersea Bluffs by Sarah Norkus

Hey, Just read a Awesome new book by Sarah Norkus called Treasure of the Battersea Bluffs. It is the story of sixteen year old Emily and her boyfriend Josh,  Who were volunteered by Emily's parents to work at a rundown villa known as Battersea. While they were there, A spooked horse managed to get
into the old home and one of his hooves broke a hole in the floorboard. As Emily looks into the floorboard, She gets dizzy and passes out. Josh tried to catch Emily but he got dizzy and also passed out. When they both wake up, they discover that they are not in the year 2009 anymore , They had somehow time traveled back in time and now are in the eighteenth century. Within minutes of Emily and Josh's "arrival" into the eighteenth century, They save the life of a servant girl who was almost murdered , but in doing so became the target of Angus Blackburn, a young plantation owner who is obsessively looking for jewels that his father has hidden just before he died. With the help of a young black slave named Ezra, Emily and Josh are able to escape from Blackburn's hands, But they are not out of danger for long. Blackburn corners the kids next to a cliff and threatens to shoot them if they do not tell him the location of his jewels. Emily, Josh and Ezra have no clue what he is talking about and before they can try and come up with something. Blackburn shoots Josh and tries to shoot Ezra but Ezra jumps off the cliff after Josh. Seeing Josh get shot, Emily runs for her life and to see if she can find help for the boys. She finds help with a farmer and his son but as they are on their way to help them, Blackburn stops them and convinces them that Emily is his servant that has runaway and the farmer reluctantly hands Emily over to him. Blackburn has Emily put in his mother's old room and has the door locked so she cannot escape while he continues to look for the treasure. Emily finds an old diary belonging to Blackburn's mother and it tells EVERYTHING!, It tells about the jewels and how greed poisoned the family . Greed so bad that his mother and father hid the jewels from Blackburn, because even when he was a child, he did not care who he had to hurt to find the jewels. Meanwhile, back in the woods, Josh survives being shot ( it is a miracle from God that he was not killed ) and Ezra risks his life to save Josh. Ezra said that Josh and Miss Emily were the only people that treat him like a person and not just a piece of property and that he was willing to die to save them and to get them back to their own time. Josh and Ezra finally reach Blackburn's house where Emily is being held hostage  and attempt to rescue her but during their escape, Ezra is caught by Blackburn,  Will they be able to save Ezra in time ? Will Josh and Emily ever make it back to 2009?  Well,  you will just have to read the book to find out.             

So this book is the sequel to The Secret Diary of Sarah Chamberlain, and I just have to say that the first book was good , but this book is Amazing! The main characters are the same as in the first book, but you get to know a little more about Emily's life and how she survived cancer, and you get to see how cool her boyfriend Josh is , How he sticks by her side even when it puts his life in danger.  The plot has a lot of action in it so it is hard to put the book down, but at the end of the book, you see how the two timelines come together in such a awesome and amazing way that when you finish the book you will have a smile on your face. I love that when the characters lives were saved, They thanked God for preserving their lives. I love the faith in God that Emily and Josh show as they go through this adventure. Overall I give it 5 stars *****

So I also wanted to tell you how I received this book, My mom was out shopping at Barnes and Noble to look for a b-day gift for me and Mrs Norkus was doing a meet and greet that day, My mom took at look at the books she wrote and thought that I might like this one. So needless to say, my mom found an awesome present and the author even signed it! 

So If you want to check out this book, take a look at her website by clicking the link below.
I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

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