Thursday, May 5, 2016

Silence in the Dark by Patricia Bradley

"Where are you God?"
                  " Never will I leave you..."

So I just finished reading Silence in the Dark by Patricia Bradley, It is the story of Bailey Adams, a Missionary and School teacher in Mexico, who has attracted the unwanted attention of the local drug cartel, The Calatrava. While Bailey was eating breakfast with one of her young students named Maria and Maria’s Uncle Joel, she runs into her ex-fiancé Danny Maxwell (which was AWKWARD). Right after Breakfast there is an attack on the restaurant, Bailey and Maria manage to hide in an underground cellar but Joel is kidnapped by the Cartel.  Danny, with the help of a mysterious stranger named Angel, is able to locate Bailey and Maria and narrowly escape an attack while boarding his plane.  They all rush to the states praying that the trouble will not follow them, but they know in their heart that if the Cartel wants them, they will stop at nothing to silence them.  While waiting for the Cartel to make a move they stay at her parent’s Bed and Breakfast, Bailey and Danny both do some “soul searching” as Bailey discovers one of the reasons that she left for Mexico was to escape the memory that has haunted her since childhood ( I can’t tell you what that was, it would be a Spoiler!  ) and to avoid Danny after she broke off the engagement.  Danny has mentioned to her that he never stopped loving her and asks if she loves him too, but Bailey is too conflicted inside with the events off the past and with the Cartel after them that she does not give him an answer.   Joel finally manages to contact Bailey and she is both amazed and suspicious that he escaped the kidnappers.  He demands that she give him Maria so he can take her back to Mexico, but something does not feel right about it so she does not allow him to take Maria but invites him to stay with them at the Bed and Breakfast. As the Cartel starts closing in you find that people are not who they seem to be, Friends turn out to be enemies... No one knows who they can trust. Then one of the characters are given a choice, give Bailey and Maria to the Cartel or they will be killed.  Will they give Bailey and Maria up to save their own life? Will Bailey be able to give  Danny an answer to his question or will the Cartel silence her forever...  
Guess you will have to read it to find out!   

 So what did I think about the book?
I thought that the book was well written, with a good plot and interesting characters.                                 When I read the book I was not aware that it was book 4 in the Logan Point series, so needless to say I read it as a standalone. I would recommend reading the others so that you can have more insight on some of the characters, but the book was also good by itself. The book started out strong but lagged a bit in the middle but definitely came through at the end.  There are so many characters in this book that it can be confusing BUT it added to the mystery of who is a friend and who is a foe...
My favorite part of the book was when Bailey realized that she never was, nor will ever be in complete control of her life, That God is always in control and that He will NEVER leave her no matter where she goes.
Overall I liked the book and will have to check out the 3 previous books. I recommend the book for someone wanting a suspense novel that has several twists and turns, and of course a little bit of romance.
I give it Overall  4 Stars ****

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 Happy Reading :)

 I would like to thank Revell , A division of Baker Publishing Group for allowing me to review this book in exchange for a free copy, I was not required to write a favorable review, just an honest one.

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