Sunday, July 31, 2016

Missing by Lisa Harris

"I didn't have a choice"  
 " That's where you are wrong _______," Nikki said, standing to leave. " You always had a choice."    - Nikki Boyd, Missing by Lisa Harris                              

Can you believe that it is almost August? It is almost time for school to start again and for those beautiful fall days that are perfect for ... Reading a great book of course! 
So if you are going on a "end of summer" vacation or are looking for a awesome book to read, here is my latest "Must Read"  Missing by Lisa Harris.

Missing by Lisa Harris is the story of Special Agent Nikki Boyd who is part of the Missing Persons division in Nashville, Tennessee. Nikki and her partner Jack, were called to the scene of a homicide which made them very confused since they do not handle homicide cases. As they arrive on the scene, They discover that there was a home invasion and the " robbers" were both shot,but the homeowners, Mac and Lucy Hudson were missing.  As they investigate what occurred, they receive a report that one of the homeowners were seen down by the Marina. Nikki is shocked when they arrive on the scene and it is her best friend Tyler's boat! Then to make matters worse, they discover Tyler inside the boat and they see that he found Mac Hudson, but Mac was no longer alive.  They take Tyler and his Father-in-law ( who they also found on the boat) in for questioning. As they uncover some parts of the events that unfolded before and after the home invasion, they find out they now have only a matter of hours to find Lucy before whoever did this finds her .  As evidence and new clues surface, the case only gets harder because it seems that Lucy has covered her tracks well. How do you find someone who does not want to be found?  They also discover that not only is Lucy in danger, but Tyler and his son as well. The people behind this horrible attack believe that the three of them know and are hiding evidence of a crime which would put them in jail for a very long time,  Will Nikki be able to keep Tyler and his family safe? Will she be able to find Lucy ? And what about her mixed feelings for Tyler, Will she be able to hide it away in her heart or will she finally tell him how she feels? 
If you want to see how it ends... You will have to read it to find out! 

What did I think of the book? 
First, Missing is book 2 in the Nikki Boyd Files Series. I have read book 1, Vendetta and it was just as good as this one but I think that you could also read this book as a stand alone. The original story in book 1 talked about how her sister was abducted 10 years ago and that is the reason why Nikki is a part of the Missing Persons division. She hopes to one day find her sister or her sisters captor.  They do mention a little bit about what happened to her sister but they do not dwell on it. The focus of the plot is definitely finding Lucy and discovering who is after her.  I thought the book was well written. Though there is mention of the crime and what happened with Mac, there never was anything graphic mentioned about any of the events. The book was exciting and the plot did not stop until the very last page. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a suspense novel with a lot of action and a little bit of drama. There is even a little bit of romance thrown in the mix. Overall I enjoyed reading the book and look forward to the next book in the series,  Pursued. It's coming out in 2017! 
I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars ***** ( it is so close that I put the 5 stars up :)

Well, sense we have to wait about a year for the next book,  you can check out her other books while you wait! Here is the link to other great books by Mrs Harris.

Happy Reading :)

I would like to thank Revell , A division of Baker Publishing Group for allowing me to review this book in exchange for a free copy, I was not required to write a favorable review, just an honest one.

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