Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No Way Up by Mary Connealy

"You are all fools if you do not know what you have in a father's love! Yes, lucky, Blessed... And part of that blessing is that starting right now, you're all locked up here at the ranch until one year from today." 
                                                -Heath Kincaid, No Way Out by Mary Conneally.

This is my 50th Post!!! I just want to take a moment to thank all of the people who have viewed or commented on my reviews. I especially would like to thank the Publishers that have let me review books for them, Thank you Bethany House, Tyndale House, Blogging for Books, Revell and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review your amazing books!

So here is my lastest review...
I just finished reading No Way Up by Mary Conneally and it was great!
No Way Up is the story of Chance Boden, a wealthy rancher and his three children Sadie, Cole and Justin. Chance was riding through the steep trail of Skull Gulch, with several of his ranch hands when suddenly there was an avalanche!  As they raced through the falling rocks, they all thought they had narrowly escaped the deadly rock shower.  But when Heath Kincaid looked around he saw that Chance was no longer with them. They were able to locate where Chance had been buried under the rocks and debris but were worried about the horrible injury on one of his legs. Heath had a little bit of medical training from a previous job and was able to clean and bandage the injury but he was worried that the wound would get infected or that Chance would lose his leg.  After they arrived at the house and the Doctor was able to look at the injury they discovered that hope was not completely lost for Chance. The Doctor knew a Specialist in Denver who could do a procedure that would allow Chance to keep his leg and still be able to walk on it, he just may have to walk with a limp or with the assistance of a cane.  Chance's children tried to arrive home before he left but he was only able to see Sadie. He told her that he had changed his will and that the changes were to start as soon as he left for Denver since there was a chance that he would not survive the trip. So with tears and goodbyes. Chance and his wife left.
Because Chance had told him to, Heath brought Chance's last will and testament out and read it to Sadie, Justin and Cole. All three of them were shocked at what their father had done! He wrote that they had to live together and work on the ranch for a full year. If any of them left the ranch or worked outside of the property, They would lose everything and the ranch and all of their father's property would go to a relative that they all could not stand.  As Heath observes the family, he is suprised at how much they remind him of his family back home and he wonders if they will be able to fulfill their father's wish. That afternoon, Heath and Sadie were riding around the property when they noticed that there was someone on top of Skull Mesa, the place where the avalanche had occured.
Heath wonders if the avalanche was an accident or was it attempted murder?  When Heath tells the others his suspicions, they decide to try to climb up the side of the mesa but how can anyone be up there when there is no way up?
When they discover a note telling them to "get off the property that they stole from Mexico", they realize that in order for the ranch to stay in the family, they would have to learn to be a family again, which was going to be hard because they all have there own way of doing things, their own opinions and they can never seem to get along... Will they be able to bond as a family to protect one another and the home they love? Will their father, Chance survive the trip to Denver and recover from his injury?
You definitely don't want to miss the adventure within the pages of this book!!!

What did I think?
I LOVED the book!  It had everything that I look for in a book, It had action, romance, humor, faith and some awesome characters with an intriguing plot. One thing that may not have come through on my synopsis that you just read on the book was the humor that is intertwined in the story. It is the perfect balance of danger and humor so that the story never was too serious. Do not get me wrong, I think that the book was excellent because there were serious moments but there also were parts that were sweet or hilarious too.  I love the relationship between Heath and the Boden kids ( well, they are all adults, but I'm sure you knew what I meant) which you will have to read to find out about. Overall I give the book 5 out of 5 stars!!! *****

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ALSO, You can get a free* ebook called "The Boden Birthright" which is a prequel novella of the series at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Here are the links:

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*the ebook, " The Boden Birthright" by Mary Coneally was free at the time this post was published. The writer has no guarantee if it will always be free of charge.

Happy Reading :) 

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