Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz

In an uncertain time, 
              Tempe faces a choice,
One that will change her life forever...

Hello Readers,
I cannot believe we are halfway through January 2017!
I have found out about some fantastic books coming out this year that I cannot wait to read and tell you guys about, Is there any books that you are looking forward too?
Well, while we wait for some new books, I wanted to let you know about an amazing new book that I just finished, ( I think it was the first book I read completely in 2017) It is called A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz.

A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz is the story of Temperance Grace Tucker (aka Tempe) whose family runs the Moonbow Inn next to the Shawnee River. Tempe is a smart young women with a broken heart. On the day before her wedding, her fiancé James was killed during an Indian ambush that also crippled her brother and damaged his mind.  Not a single day goes by that she does not think about James and what their lives could have been like, So when she meets the rugged, tough Surveyor Sion Morgan she is not in the least bit interested in him, except to find out what he is doing there and how long he plan to stay.

Sion Morgan is in charge of a small group of men surveying the Kentucke wilderness. He is also writing a field book about the trees, wildlife and land that they come across. One day he feels someone watching him and when he looks behind him all he can see is an indigo skirt. Since people out there in the middle of the wilderness was uncommon he gave chase and was surprised when his mysterious stranger disappeared into to the fictional Moonbow Inn. Sion later learns that the" doe-eyed girl in the indigo skirt" name is Tempe. He tries to talk with her but she is very closed off, very guarded.  So he just goes back to his group and continues to press forward until one of his men gets bit by a venomous snake. He knows the only way to keep his friend alive is to get some medical help so they both return to the Inn. It is not long before Sion realizes that he needs a guide, Someone who knows the lay of the land and could help them arrive safely ( no guarantees) to their destination.  He has heard that Tempe knows everything about the land and requests her help as their guide but Tempe does not want to go with the group not only because it would be awkward, but it would not be proper for one woman to travel with a group of men . But after her father's insistence that she lead the men away from the Inn, She reluctantly becomes their guide. The small group continues forward and as they continue, Tempe finds herself oddly attracted to Sion even though he is not someone that she would normally befriend and because she is not willing to let go of James. Can God help her get past the buried feelings of despair and hurt because of the death of the one she loved so that she can love another ? Will Sion be able to love someone again after what happened to his family?
Will the group be able to safely make it through the dangerous wilderness with Indian Warriors close behind them?
I suggest you read the book to find out!

What did I think of the book?
Wow, I have never read any books by Laura Frantz but I was intrigued by the cover so I decided to read this one and boy have I been missing out on some fantastic books!  This book was amazing! The details the author describes about the places, the waterfalls and especially the moonbow make you feel like you are there in the Kentucke wilderness with Tempe and Sion. But I am giving you a bit of warning,  If you are like me and get really into a story be careful. When the Indians attacked them I was actually on the edge of my seat, and when her Indian acquaintance, Raven had to decide if he would betray Tempe or save her life,  I was literally holding my breath until I read what happened.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction with a bit of romance, an intriguing plot and a touch of suspense. Overall I give the book 5 out of 5 Stars! *****

If you want to check out her other amazing books, Here is the link:

Happy Reading :) 

I would like to thank Revell , A division of Baker Publishing Group for allowing me to review this book in exchange for a free copy, I was not required to write a favorable review, just an honest one.

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