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An Uncommon Courtship by Kristi Ann Hunter

Lord Trent and Lady Adelaide are complete 100% strangers... Is it possible to learn to love each other during their uncommon courtship? 

Hey Readers,
What makes you read a book that is not something you would normally read, Is is the cover, the information on the back of the book, Online reviews , an Author that you are familiar with ?
So I had the opportunity to review a book that was little bit outside of my comfort zone. I recognized the author because I have read some of her books. But as I was reading the book, I realized that this book was 100%  a romance novel ( should have known that by the title... Right?!) But anyways, I just finished Kristi Ann Hunter's newest book An Uncommon Courtship and here is what it was about.

An Uncommon Courtship by Kristi Ann Hunter is the story of Lord Trent Hawthorne and Lady Adelaide Bell unusual relationship. Lord Trent always had his idea of marriage, He would meet a girl, fall desperately in love and sweep her off her feet and then marry her,  But his plan as often happens with our plans was not what God had in mind. ( This event happens before the book starts) So Trent heard a noise in an old stone ruins and his curiosity got the better of him. When he went to investigate, the floor fell out from under him, trapping him and the reason for the noise, Lady Adelaide Bell. Trent and Adelaide were not able to be rescued until the next morning and to save Lady Adelaide's reputation, Lord Trent proposes to her and this is where the book starts. Lord Trent is unsure how to proceed with his relationship with Lady Adelaide because he never had any kind of relationship with a girl. So he first decides that he will ignore her by putting all of his work first and then by hiding away in his study. Unfortunately all that did was make Adelaide upset because all she heard from him was a note that he would leave her each evening , asking various things, like did she need anything, what time was dinner, that kind of thing so she felt like he was going to leave her without giving her a chance . So when that did not work, Trent decides to court Adelaide figuring that if they were to get to know each other , they eventually would fall in love. So he moves in with his brother and comes to "court" Adelaide every afternoon. At first it is incredibly awkward. They both cannot find anything to say to each other. But slowly they start to warm up to each other and find small things to talk about.
 Adelaide has no idea how to run a household because her Mother only gave lessons to her older sister Helena and Adelaide is beyond confused.  Thankfully the Lord sent Trent's family , ( His Mother Lady Blackstone and his two sisters, Lady Georgina and Lady Miranda) to help her with anything she needs help with.  As Trent and Adelaide  seem to make a bit of progress,  Something happens between the two and now they are almost back to square one. Trent is afraid that he hurt his wife that he believes he is starting to love and Adelaide is afraid that Trent feels like she is an obligation.  Will Trent and Adelaide grow to love each other as a husband and wife should?  Trent says that this was God's plan for him and Adelaide, but does he actually believe in his heart that it is true or does he say it to make the situation seem better then it is?
You would have to read the book to find out!

What did I think about the book? 
So this is the third book in the Hawthorne House Series (fourth if you include the prequel Novella).
I have read all three books prior to this one and they were not as romantic.
This book although part of a series can be read as a standalone.
So though the book was great as a whole and I thoroughly enjoyed the witty relationship that Trent and Adelaide had towards the end of the book, there were several romantic scenes that were described not inappropriately but were moments that were awkward for me to read as a unmarried single young lady because they were private moments to be shared between a husband and his wife.  *Again, Nothing was described explicitly or inappropriately though it was implied.*
What I did love was the fact that when Trent needed advice about his marriage, He went to the best source possible, the Bible for guidance. Overall I liked the book and the storyline but wished that it did not have such private romantic moments. Overall I give it 3.5 stars. ***

So although this one was not one of my favorite books, I thoroughly enjoyed her previous ones, You can check it out by going to her website by clicking on this link :

You can also get the Prequel, A Lady of Esteem ebook FREE!
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Happy Reading :) 

  I would like to thank Bethany House for allowing me to read and review this book in return for a free copy. I was not asked to write a favorable review, Just a honest one.

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