Monday, April 20, 2015

Safe In His Arms by Collen Coble

I just finished reading Safe in His Arms by Colleen Coble, It is the story of Margaret O'Brien  who is not really like any lady in town , She thinks her hair is too red, her feet are too big and that she is way too tall.  So when her father decides that she needs to act more like a lady and not a rancher, He hires Daniel Cutler, a stranger with a mysterious past. Margaret's father also invites her Cousin Lewis to help run the ranch,  further taking any responsibility of running the ranch from her.  Immediately it becomes clear that Daniel likes Her, but Margaret has had her heart broken before and is very guarded around men, and has no problem showing her dislike of Daniel because he took over her job on the ranch. When she overhears a conversation between Daniel and another man outside of her window. she finds out that he's a bank robber.  She then makes it her mission to try and help Daniel turn his life around. But when Her father is killed, Lewis disappears and someone tries to shoot her, She works with Daniel to find out who wants her out of the way  and what is it that he is hiding about his past. I liked the book very much, It did have a few spots where the plot twindled a little making it slightly boring but it did have a surprising ending. it also had a lot of romance( nothing inappropriate, just the characters kissing... Several times. A little too much for my taste. ) and some action  ( What would a western story be without cowboys, guns, bank robbers, daring escapes on horseback, you know the things that make a western story exciting  ) but nothing graphic. Overall it was a very good book. It is part of  the series Under Texas Stars,but I read it as a stand alone book. So take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!

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