Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Tutors Daughter by Julie Klassen

So while I am reading my newest book, Let me tell you about one of my favorite books. It is The Tutors Daughter by Julie Klassen. It is the story of  Emma Smallwood whose Father's academy just closed. She agrees to go with him as he becomes a tutor to two young boys whose older half brothers who were taught by her Father. When Henry Weston and his brother Phillip (the ones who used to attend her Fathers school) come home she finds that she is drawn to one of them, but is not sure that she can trust him because she notices that they are very secretive about something but is unsure of what they are hiding. Then unexpected things start happening like music being played in the middle of the night but  no one is in the music room or having her journal disappear only to be returned a couple of days later with pages torn out and a horrid illustration drawn on it, she cannot help wondering which brother to trust and which one wants her to leave, After surviving  a life threatening situation, she finds out that there is a God who loves her and that the one person that she didn't think she could trust, was the one person that held her heart. Full of mystery, suspense and a little bit of romance (at the end) . This book is one of my favorites because the plot keeps you intrigued until the very last page.  Well I hope that you enjoying reading it as much as I do!

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